Monday, 10 March 2014

So .... ArtCraftDesign ....for Life?

Yes, for life. My life. Because in everybody's life there's a need for an outlet. Somewhere you can get 'flow' or 'in the zone'. Something that inspires you and takes you out of your humdrum world and away from your stresses. It's different for different people - sport, reading, writing fiction or poetry, baking, whatever.

For me it's always about creating and within that the experimentation, the developing and the refining. It's the process as much as the end result that fulfills me: the stretch of growing and learning.

I was not encouraged in art at school. I gave it and needlework up in the third year (Year 9 as it would now be called). I never knew people ‘did art’ as gainful employment. And yet, and yet…..

Aged 47 I took redundancy, yearning to work artistically but battling that sense of it being frivolous and unrealistic. I discovered and fell in love with surface pattern design and taught myself from scratch. The background to this blog is one of my creations, for example.

I find the intellectual and creative sides of the surface pattern design process hugely satisfying so I'm about to start on a well respected online course as a first step to developing this as an alternative career.

I also paint, sew, knit and do various other crafts from time to time, all of which feed into each other, and will doubtless feed in here too.

I'm happy to have your company, should you care to join me.



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