Thursday, 4 December 2014

Icon for Advent (4) Laura Ashley - 'nuff said?

What do we all think we know about Laura Ashley?

Roses? 'English'? Classic? Florals? Frocks?

Think also:

  • self taught (to support husband's change of career)
  • started small - in the (London) kitchen after the children had gone to bed
  • actually she was Welsh
  • actually she always prefered the home furnishing side
  • it wasn't just Laura - husband Bernard designed the printing machines and turned out to be a natural 'colourist'; their children also became involved in the business
  • they lived above the shop in Machynlleth, Wales for six years
  • supporter of the 'local' economy; philanthropist
May I recommend her biography? Lots to be inspired by and to learn from.

Faye Brown Design's Advent challenge theme today is penguins. I fail to see what they have to do with Advent, really - cute and saleable maybe? Cute isn't something I'm ever that drawn to, so decided to just experiment with different media and some prompts from the internet.  Don't really like any of them yet and I'm definitely rusty with anything other than line drawing. More work needed I think.

Line drawn - plain and embellished - from inside my head
Rockhopper penguin - acrylics
Dancing penguin - pastels

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