Monday, 7 April 2014

Defining moments

As I said  in a previous post, I'm partly doing this course because it promises to help me pin down my style. I get so bowled over with the wonders of possibility that I want to sample everything. I am some half-starved wretch, making up for years of not properly feeding myself artistically.

Last week's exercises were about loosening us up and trying different approaches. Seeing what felt good, what felt contrived. What produced a pleasing result, what didn't. For example, mark-making:

I can't believe I'm 49 and have never systematically explored my brushes like this before - it was so empowering (and sooooo chilling!).

I think I have identified three enjoyable lines of enquiry so far:
  • doodles in pen eg:

  • free, flowing paintwork

  • and digitally transformed photographs like the one I showed you in an earlier post

Guess what! I think I was doing all these before!

But rather than frustration building up, I find it reassuring that my 'self-taught' approach turns out to have been valid.

Another exercise we've 'done' (and by that I mean I've started!) is build up a collection of images of patterns we love and attempt to define what it is about them that works for us.

So far I find I tend towards a softer colour palette based on the natural world (although, my favourite colour is a zingy turquoise - work that one out!). I favour designs that have an overall fluidity and sense of movement to them. I frequently prefer abstract. I like subtlety (whether colour or detail).

I've started a Pinterest board to hold it all and aim to start another called 'Patterns I don't like', to view the contrast. Still working on it - not ready to share it yet.

Rather than pinning me down this course continues to widen me out. And I love it. I just wish there were more hours in the day.

Make sure your day is as good as mine,


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