Friday, 11 April 2014

Just wanted to share.......

We had a day out last Saturday. Youngest son had gone to stay with eldest at Uni - perfect excuse!

Finally made it to Gallery Pangolin in Chalford near Stroud, a gallery based on the premises of a metal foundry specialising in casting metalwork for artists (including such 'luminaries' as Damien Hirst for his work 'Verity' - sited at Ilfracombe).

Detail of plait - Verity by Damian Hirst
Detail of Hand - Verity by Damian Hirst

The most impressive discovery I made there was Terence Coventry - someone I was unaware of - but truly love his angular take on things. It reminded me of my angular rose sketches:

My take on the roses bought for my birthday.....
The real thing

After that we made our way through little lanes to Cirencester - a bustling Cotswold market town - with lots of little shops full of pattern inspiration!

Patterns I like - although I'm a little old for bright yellow footwear....maybe! :-)

Patterns I feel somewhat neutral about - they're okay and in the right circumstances I'd buy
Patterns I dislike - - the cats are cute but I don't buy cute!

As well as a wander round Brewery Arts, there was also a little 'pop-up' studio gallery next door. Through the doorway I spotted a pattern.......had to venture inside. Admiring the work it became obvious that the two - well, do we call them women, girls, ladies - people? Obviously people, but forgive me I took to them straight away which means they feel like friends and colleagues.

It's the second time that, when chatting to artists curating their own work, there has come a curious sideways glance and the question: 'Are you an artist, too?'

Cue a childish little skip of pleasure and excitement from me (my inner child is still there, 49 or not!). Perhaps I sound like I know what I'm talking about - but I think it's the joy and enthusiasm that pours out when I talk about these things. Anyway, we chatted courses and tastes and Illustrator versus Photoshop.

Meeting them made my day, so I'd like to introduce them to you now: Jan Jay & Shelly Perkins.



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